CloudFirst Rapid Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One

What is the CloudFirst Rapid Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One?

Discover a single, affordable solution for managing your entire company. With our modular structure, you can license and pay for the number of users you require now and add more users as needed. With financials, sales, CRM, analytics, inventory management, reporting and much more in one, easy-to-use solution, you have everything you need to manage your business.

  • Intelligent cloud ERP: Streamlined end-to-end processes
  • Instant value: Enables agility to quickly adapt for new opportunities
  • Business impact: Real-time analytics included to help improve profits and efficiency


  • Improve Margins
  • Oversee Entire Sales Processes
  • Optimize Purchasing Practices
  • Create Timely & Accurate Reports
  • Access Information Easier
  • Make Confident Business Decisions
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Reduce Errors
  • Drive Profitable Growth


  • Financial Management
  • Sales & Customer Management
  • Purchasing & Inventory Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Responsive Cross-Platform Interface
  • 6 Week Implementation
  • 2 Weeks of Go-Live Support
  • 9 Major Industries Supported
SAP Business One Rapid Manufacturing Solution Features
CloudFirst Rapid Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One

CloudFirst Rapid Deployment Solutions

SAP industry-specific solutions with pre-defined functional richness, licenses, and rapid deployment resources, bundled together to provide users with a CloudFirst Solution that will allow companies to transition into the digital age.

CFS Rapid Manufacturing Solution Includes:

  • SAP Business One Manufacturing Package | 3 user licenses and 3 limited users
  • Hana Database
  • Rapid Fixed-Fee Implementation Package | 6 Weeks
  • Two Weeks of Go-Live Support
  • Unlimited Access to the SAP Support Systems and User Forums
  • Periodic Expert Session Webinars
  • “How-To” Guides and System Documentation

The combination of the ASAP implementation methodology and the pre-installed quick start services package reduces cost and delivers service in a fraction of the time of a traditional on-premise deployment. The quick start database includes standard industry charts of accounts with business rules defined for automated general ledger posting.

CloudFirst Rapid Starter Package is specifically designed for companies outgrowing entry-level software that need a rapid deployment for a small number of users.

ERP Evolved - SAP Business One iPad Mockup

Implementation Assumptions

  • 1 Legal Entity
  • 1 standard US chart of accounts
  • 1 set of books and 1 fiscal calendar year
  • 1 Warehouse English Language Only for all aspects of project delivery (workshops, training, testing, and documentation)
  • 1 Country – US (standard languages for user interfaces, data, configuration, forms, and reports)

CFS Rapid Manufacturing Solution Pricing

  • Managed in the Cloud
  • 3 Professional Licenses
  • 1 Limited Professional
  • 3 Mobile Licenses
  • Fixed-Fee Implementation
  • 2 Weeks of Go-Live Support

Due at Signing: $6,737.00

10 Monthly Payments: $3,363.50 (services paid in full after first year)

SAP Software Cost: $667.00 / mo

SAP Business One is a monthly subscription with a three-year minimum commitment.

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