Four Ways SAP Analytics Cloud Is Bringing to Life the Full Promise of Embedded Analytics

Four Ways SAP Analytics Cloud Is Bringing to Life the Full Promise of Embedded Analytics

by | Jun 7, 2020 | SAP Business ByDesign

In many ways, rising interest and development of embedded analytics is a natural progression toward anytime, anywhere access to up-to-date information. No one has the patience for fact-finding missions that are relegated to a few highly trained and technical experts. People need answers quickly and inevitably gravitate to technologies that provide an optimized and visually appealing experience.

For many development teams, technology partners, and providers, demand for embedded analytics inspires a range of configurations and integrations. However, in most cases, these innovations miss the mark because they do not consider the strategic value of the data captured and analyzed nor the existing product they embed.

At SAP, this gap between strategic data and valuable technology capabilities inspired the embedded edition of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. This latest addition to our cloud-based analytics portfolio offers an accurate, well-rounded view into business challenges and potential resolution scenarios – all derived from a seamless bond between data, analytics, and the end-user application database. In this 2nd blog of our series around embedded analytics I will focus on this recently launched offering and the benefits. Check out our 1st blog in this series from Virat, providing a broader overview on this topic.

SAP Analytics

Democratized, harmonized, and contextualized
Whatever the reason for embedding analytics into your existing applications, SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition, is designed to optimize the value from data and this user experience by covering four critical components of intelligence-driven decision-making.


Custom analytic applications that behave according to user expectations

1. Self-service provisioning and configuration
Our embedded edition allows everyone to scale their solution with greater ease and speed.

One crucial element is the provisioning tenants for SAP Analytics Cloud. This capability helps partners ensure that customers can quickly tap into data with a seamless delivery model. Various REST APIs for tenant configuration in DevOps infrastructures can also be used to automate the delivery of their solutions to multiple customers, achieving operational excellence.

2. Real-time analytics
When embedded into process workflows, analytics give real-time insights that are contextualized. This experience empowers business users to make faster and better decisions more confidently.

Through a live connection between SAP Analytics Cloud and the SAP HANA database running on SAP Cloud Platform, our customers can build reports and dashboards that are highly sophisticated and reflective of current conditions. This approach brings the depth of knowledge and best practices that users need to advance their understanding of any concern – ranging from market dynamics to team performance.

3. Embedded intelligence and data-driven insights
The point of intelligence and data-driven insights is to deliver insights that people can act on quickly to do their jobs more effectively. The value of these assets continues to soar when they are embedded in everyday business applications and deliver preconfigured reports, dashboards, and built-in support for proven best practices.

Our embedded analytics solution provides this level of predefined reporting and personalized access to data and ad hoc analytics. Gone are the days of decision-makers searching for business intelligence and figuring out its meaning. The insights come to them, presenting a clear story in a format and context that is meaningful and personalized.

4. Business data platform
SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition, is a part of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, which includes a portfolio of intelligent technologies, database and data management, application development, and integration. This architecture is unique, compared to other embedded solutions, because it leverages advanced in-memory technology that delivers intelligence and analytics tools operating on data persisted in SAP HANA.

This design enables developers to incorporate analytical capabilities – such as interactive reports, dashboards, and visualizations – into the existing end-user application from end to end. This method gives the entire workforce a view into the business and market that empowers them to contribute to the company’s success.

SAP Analytics Cloud Embedded in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Use Case Example: Treasury Executive Dashboard
Intelligent insights for all with embedded, cloud-based analytics
Innovations such as our latest edition of SAP Analytics Cloud demonstrate SAP’s commitment to ensuring our customers can build accurate stories instantly about their business and external risks and opportunities.

For SAP customers, our embedded analytics capabilities can bring their business closer to the leading edge of next-generation decision-making. They gain the peace of mind of having fingertip access to real-time reporting, dashboarding, and self-service discovery of data as well as streamlined, end-to-end workflows – all within the framework of a single solution experience.